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An Announcement: The Blog (& Vision) Behind Chyral

Chyral is thrilled to kick off this blog with our goal to make your life if not better, better informed at least. We want a forum to share some of our ideas, make observations, and…well….ruminate a bit.

We will be providing hard-won insight from the trenches, success stories, news and announcements, technology and industry analysis, and links to things we like. So bookmark our blog and check back often.

We’re a mix of passion for results, entrepreneurship, and our obsession for productivity with what we feel is a noble cause.  We want Chyral to serve the eCommerce industry in meaningful ways.  And we are going to have fun doing it. And it starts right here.



  1. Cathy Ellison  January 18, 2012

    Congratulations on your new venture! The new website is beautiful – very professional looking. I’m so excited for you and the team … and a bit jealous. Bon Chance mon amie!


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